Paving the way in custom blended cement & RMC

PR has been serving it’s customers for over 15 years.

P R Readymiix India Private Limited, was basically a Civil contracting company started in 1975 by Mr. P. Pappi Reddy.  Thanks to a single-minded determination to provide the very best quality product to the customers, the company turned out to be a focused concrete supplier after the inauguration of P R Readymix India Private Limited.

An ISO 9001 Certified Company

P R Readymix India Private Limited strives to stay on the leading edge of performance based products to create the very best performing concrete on the market. Centrally located in Coimbatore, we are able to service Coimbatore, Salem, Palladam, Tripur, Pollachi, etc.,

We are committed to establishing and supporting a solid trusted relationship with our customers.

Today the company is a market leader with the size, scope and expertise that would surely surpass the founder's wildest expectations. The Company is one with a history rich in service, innovation and continuing growth.

Why Choose P R Readymix India Private Limited?

We believe that a superior product and experience can make the difference. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with courteous, efficient customer support and service. We can help you analyze your project and help provide an innovative concrete mix design to fit your project needs to ensure the maximum performance.

What We Have to Offer

P R Readymix India Private Limited has a team of concrete specialists that can help you analyze your project and provide an innovative concrete mix design to fit your projects needs to ensure maximum performance and cost efficiency. Our expert staff can offer advice that can help optimize the concretes performance on your next project.


We have a state of the art concrete batch plant all controlled by one of the most progressive concrete batch systems available, insuring operational efficiency and accuracy with the endless ability to create custom blends.

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